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Let's dive in ... because understanding feelings shouldn't be so damn expensive and life's too short to not know what we need.

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Welcome, Come as You Are

We all feel. We all have needs. Let's talk. Sometimes it can be intimidating when dipping into self-help or self-growth work because simply there are so many options. Between practitioners, books, videos, courses, groups, conferences, retreats, and more, we can often find ourselves feeling further overwhelmed.

This study shares my adopted collection of "best practices" in an attempt to spread clarity, connection to self and others, and ease in a world that often seems full of confusion, disconnection, and dis-ease. In the weeks ahead you will be introduced to some of my most useful treasures (for resources are gold to social workers) that I've collected over the years as someone who is a consumer of well-being resources, has a committed practice of using these methods, and is a professional in the field.

May you find some comfort here ...



Feel free to print this guide if / as needed to help you during this self-guided study. Please remember that the information shared within this study is for personal use only. Please refrain from distributing or copying #DDLW material.

Thank you.

Week 1 : Create Consciousness

This Week You Will Learn :

- An Introduction to Mindfulness

- An Overview of Feelings Identification & Needs (FIN)

- A Glimpse Into Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

Curious Mindset Examples

- Internal Curiosity Questions to Ask Yourself

- External Curiosity Questions to Ask Yourself

- Some Barriers to Awareness

Week 3 : Recognize Trends

This Week You Will Learn :

- Connecting Last Week's Practice to Life Trends

- Journal Prompts for Deepening Self-Awareness

- Affirmations 

Week 4 : Practice Self-Help Reparenting

This Week You Will Learn :

- Self-Help Reparenting Techniques

- Possible Beneficial Inner Child Work Outcomes

Week 5 : Shift Energy

This Week You Will Learn About :

- Movement and Physical Well-being Strategies & Benefits

Week 6 : Integrate Insights

This Week You Will Learn About :

- Diving Deeper into Understanding Needs

- The Exercise by Thom Bond

- Self-Compassion

- Using The Exercise to Help With Self-Help Reparenting (Expanding on Week 4)

Week 7 : Strengthen Awareness

This Week You Will Learn About : 

- Shadow Work

- Parts Work

  • Inner Active Cards
  • SoulCollage®

Week 8 : Embrace Vulnerability

This Week You Will Learn About :

- Scary Honesty 

- The Anatomy of Trust

- Saying, "No" More Comfortably & Confidently

- Diving Deeper Through Testing

Week 9 : Share Appreciation

This Week You Will Learn About : 

- The Four Things That Matter Most by Dr. Ira Byock

- Empathy

- Sharing Loving Kindness

SALT-Supported Practices for a Lifetime

This Week You Will Learn About :

- Goal Setting

- Supplemental Supports 

Love Over Fear for Our Future

Congratulations on completing the SALT's Self-Guided Study! May the practices and resources that you have collected over this period remain with you for a lifetime! 

May SALT be your cleat, a centering, grounding, reinforcing go-to for you! It's always here for you to return to as you continue your practice of raising consciousness, gaining curiosity, processing reactivity in new ways, expanding compassion, creating more ease, and finding more joy in your life.

Thank you for being here, for showing up, and diving deep ... May you live well, in whatever ways that looks to you! See you on the 'gram (Instagram) @salt.selfawarenessletstalk.

If this study has helped you in any way, please point others towards SALT, and please share feedback by emailing me directly at courtneylamothe@icloud.com.

Stay blessed,


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